About Bell Bay

Cape Breton’s Finest Golf Course

Baddeck and Bell Bay Golf Resort

Our Cape Breton golf resort is located in the historic Baddeck, one of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful little towns. From Baddeck’s earliest beginnings, when a trading post was set on Kidston Island, it’s fortunes have been bound up by the sea, which brought the settlers and carried their trade to and from the outside world in the wake of aboriginal canoes.

History has been made on this bay. Casey Baldwin’s great hydrofoil set the world’s water speed record just below our fairways, and from it’s frozen surface the Silver Dart made the first successful airplane flight in the British Empire.

Alexander Graham Bell’s baronial summer place on the far headland was home to what was perhaps the greatest assemblage of inventive genius the world had known – tinkering with everything from radar to rocket propulsion, the iron lung to sonar from the airscrew to airships, this bay was the setting for them all.

Baddeck is a saltwater port and ships have been built here, and sailed from here, since earliest times. Many of then were known in harbours around the world, their names reflecting their Cape Breton origins. It seems fitting that this seaside golf course should recall some of those famous ships by giving their names to appropriate holes whose character is reflected in their names.

The sails of the yachts that throng the bay today reflect those of the tall ships which one plied these waters, and whose names are enshrined in the golf course high above.